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The UK referendum: We need each other!

An appeal to British voters on voting for remaining in the European Union.

Dear British Friends,

Sometimes amidst heated emotional situations we make rash decisions, we say “that’s enough”, walk away, slam the door, lock the door, throw away the key. Later, there may be regrets, but it is very difficult or impossible to return.

This Thursday you will decide whether to stay in the European Union. Your decision shall weigh on the future of the whole of Europe. We also do not like many things about the EU. The Union must be changed and its institutions reformed to adhere to democratic standards. But let us do it TOGETHER, as representatives of member states.

Throughout Europe we all experience difficult moments. A wave of nationalistic egocentricities is overrunning us, European solidarity begins to crumble. We must, however, clearly state that there is NO RETURN to the Europe of nationalist countries, and our actions ought to lead to further and tighter European integration. By deciding to no longer be a part of this great European project, you would open the way to the collapse of the idea of a United Europe. This would not only be the end of the dream of a united common Europe, it would be a historical turn around.

Your exit from the European Union will not solve European problems, it will aggravate them. Your exit will also not solve your problems, but will create new, far more dangerous ones which you would have to face alone.

We appeal to you: go and check the first answer: “Remain a member of the European Union”.

We need each other!
Stay with us!
Małgorzata Tracz, Marek Kossakowski