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Meet the Greens!

The Polish Green Party was founded in 2003 by an alliance of environmentalist, feminist, LGBT, and anti-war activists. Our mission is to save the environment for the good of us and future generations, to fight for a more equal world and the truly democratic political system and to stand against the rule of elites, xenophobia, religious fundamentalism and nationalism.

We are a member of European Green Party, the most progressive political force in Europe that strives for a Green transformation of Europe and its economy, ensuring better and sustainable future for all its citizens. On the European level we also closely cooperate with the Greens/European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament.

What do we stand for?

The Greens have always been the most progressive political party in Poland. We were the first to support marriage equality, reproductive rights, renewable energy, green urban development, fair corporate taxes, and basic income. We introduced LGBT+ rights, decriminalization of cannabis, air pollution and many other topics to the political discourse in Poland.

Our core values are:


By protecting the environment we protect human well-being and give Earth the only chance to be the better place to live for next generations. As the Greens we support investments into renewable energy, development of public transport, active countering of the climate change, and fighting air pollution. We strive to protect most valuable habitats and campaign to respect animal rights.


We believe people are equal regardless of their gender, love choices, origin, religion, age, ethnicity and wealth. We stand against all forms of discrimination.


People must come before profit. As the Greens we believe that the true pillars of economy are: human dignity, solidarity, responsibility, sustainability, and democracy.

Healthy food

As the Greens we want the society to be healthy and free of lifestyle diseases. We support ecological and local farming. Many of us are vegetarians and vegans: we want to raise consciousness about food production, its ethical dimension, and the influence on our health.

Support the Polish Green Foundation!

The foundation Strefa Zieleni cooperates with the Party to promote the Green policy in Poland, to oppose the destruction of wonderful Polish natural heritage and to stand for the rule of law, tolerance and democracy. We organize meetings, debates, workshops, exhibitions and other events designed to promote Green visions, ideals and political programs. We also support the independent newspaper „Zielone Wiadomości”.

As the foundation receives no public support, it relies solely on donations from Green supporters. Join them and help develop the Green movement in Poland!

You can send your donations to:

FUNDACJA STREFA ZIELENI, 00-676 Warsaw, ul. Marszałkowska 53/46
IBAN: PL66 1020 1097 0000 7602 0237 0450
Bank: PKO BP SA, Od. 3, Warszawa, ul. Marszałkowska 100-102, 00-950 Warsaw Poland

Meet us!

If you would like to learn more about us, write to our international coordinator Maciej Józefowicz.

Maciej Józefowicz
[email protected]
or call at 0048 608 325 796.
Our address is:
Partia Zieloni
Marszałkowska 53/46; 00-676 Warsaw